Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Nikki and Niko

My lovely friend Nikki is coming to visit me from London, we decided to spend the weekend in Hydra. Nikki is one of those people who needs to be organised and wants to have everything in order way in advance. She has been nagging me to get a confirmation letter (for visa purposes) from the hotel we will be staying at (, but I've had limited internet access for the last two weeks so it hasnt gotten done yet. Spoke to Niko today and asked him to mail Nikki what she needs, he asked if he could play a little joke on her, "Nikki will kill me!!!!"

I soon received an e-mail from a very flustered Nikki in response to the mail Niko had sent her:

Dear Mrs. Botha,

We would like to inform you that your booking is confirmed.
We reserve a room for the dates 15th of August until 19th of August.
Everything will be as you asked.
On the airport, you will have transport service. A car of our company with a couple of extremely professional strippers will make your way to the port more convenient.
Arriving at Hydra, be careful cause a coloured man will be waiting for you...he will accompany you at the hotel singing all the time Bob Marley.
At the hotel, your "Godfather" will be in his office where you can give him all the guns, the bombs and the drugs he ordered, don't forget to give him also a t-shirt from London.

We will be at your disposal for any further information or request.

Kind regards,

Nikos Karabikas
Hydroussa hotel, resort and spa

p.s. a couple of nice bikini photos could easily make your stay more convenient.

Niko is a Good Boy!!!

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