Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Hello Hello?

I bought a vivodi card to call home and went to my yiayia's house to use her landline. *blink* oh my word she still has an old rotary dialler phone (bet you didnt know what it was called... yes I'm a legend). So I assumed it must just be for show, I picked up the receiver and there was a dial tone *shock horror* how am I supposed to use the vivodi card if it can only work with tone dialling?!? I felt like I had been sucked into a time warp and transported back to 1983! After a brief panic I found another 'normal' phone, turns out the funky old one is linked to an extension.

*pring pring*
*connecting xorio to JHB*
"Hello! Do you know yiayia has one of those really old phones were you stick your finger in the hole and turn it to dial a number? And it actually works!"

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