Saturday, 18 December 2010

I don't wanna play! :-(

I hate having my photo taken. It feels so corny, say cheeeeeeze! And my face does weird things in photos, my eyes become Chinese, my mouth can only fake smile, it's all hideous really. I'm definitely a behind-the-scenes kinda person. I have never understood people who love having their photo taken. And then I went to Istanbul for 5 (FIVE!!!) whole days with not one, but TWO people who love having their photo taken.

People who love having their photo taken are like people who love cats.
Cat person: "And this is Mr Whiskers /(insert any dumb cat name, cats never have cool names), say heeeelllloooo!" *human waves cat's paw*
Sensible person: "Um. I don't like cats"
Cat person: *confused look* "Are you allergic?"
Sensible person: "No, I just don't like cats"
Cat person: "But he's sooooo cute!! Here, hold him"
Sensible person: "Um, no thanks"
Cat person: "But he's so lovable, just hold him and you'll see, you'll love him!"

Photo people are the same, they are convinced that if they can just get you to pose for a photo you will love it and want more taken! They will love any photo of themselves, even a bad one, it's as though they lack the self critical receptor as well as the see-things-as-they-really-are gene. Maybe my view is clouded by too much photoshop and abnormally gorgeous models.

It started from day one of our trip. Take my normal camera unwillingness and add THREE huge fever blisters to my lip (they were so big that Glykeria laughed at them on the Saturday night, and when she woke to the horror they had become on the Sunday morning she took one look at me and went to get takeaways from her parents house - we were invited for lunch but she knew better than to unleash my beastliness on the rest of Athens. True story). So I REALLY didn't want a photo of me, yet they persisted, and I perfected my hand-face-paparazzi-avoid pose. The downside of not having your photo taken is that you have to take the photos....

I have hundreds more.... :-)

Glykeria was determined to get a pic of me and took this sneaky one, yes I was feeling sorry for myself that day!

On the last day Athanasia kept hassling me about not having pics of me in Istanbul, she gave me some speech about making my parents happy, so I sighed heavily and let her take one of me while we were waiting for the tram
See? Chinese eyes and fake smile. Thank god the fever blisters had calmed down by then!



  1. Those are great pics! Glad the fever blisters cleared up! My hubby has been fighting them on and off this winter.

  2. Sometimes we are too tough on ourselves. You're beautiful! I don't think the rest of the world sees the same problems you do. Keep smiling, and don't let your inner voice put you down. Hollychihuahua on SB