Tuesday, 25 January 2011

A dream come true

Let's leave Istanbul for a second and pop over to Greece for just another split second, I swear I'll have more Istanbul posts up soon. This is a worthy deviation.

Remember I raved about Dreamy Skin? Well reading the post again I see I didnt exactly rave about it, I definitely downplayed how amazing Dreamy Skin shower gel is! I was all nonchalant about it, who was I kidding?? The smell is to die for, and it really does make your skin feel, well, dreamy.

Of course being on the bottom of the world means that we South Africans don't have access to little luxuries that are deemed basic necessities by the rest of the civilised world. I knew Dreamy Skin wouldn't be available here. But then about 3 months ago I found a night cream from the Dreamy Skin range, if I could cartwheel I would have done one-handed cartwheels all the way down that aisle!

At night I slather a dreamy blob all over my face. The second the smell hits my nose I am back in Greece getting ready for a day drenched in summery sunlight or a night massaged by the sounds of party animals getting their Greek groove on. And then I open my eyes and I'm back in this work-obsessed, live-to-work cuntry of ours (nope it's not a spelling mistake).

Today is the best day, ever! Today I found Dreamy Skin shower gel, right here in South Africa! There is a God and he believes this princess needs pampering!

The shower gel is a fraction of the cost, and quadruple the size of the night cream, so no need to use sparingly. Tonight I am gonna lather up a storm, I am going to lather up hurricanes and lightning, very very frightening (you know where I'm going with this right?) I am even tempted to wash my car with Dreamy Skin!

If there was a Guiness World Record Prize for product most effective at smell association, Dreamy Skin would win, every year. I smell it and it's as if somehow, somewhere, some clever little scientist managed to capture all my emotions and memories of summer 2009 and squeeze them into this pretty purple bottle. I smell it and I feel like one of those people in the movies who suddenly wakes to find themselves in a bathroom on the opposite side of the world at a previous time. I smell it and I am staring in the bathroom mirror at 25 Argostoliou in Galatsi and it's the summer of 2009. I smell it and wonder why I'm not back in Greece yet *googles flight prices*


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