Tuesday, 22 September 2009


I have no idea why this soccer team is playing basketball, but hey what do I know about sports? This chant is hilarious, have a look at the translation. I am really starting to like this soccer story

Translation of the chant:

the chant has been created to curse and mock the fans of olympiakos..it says(not exactly but i ll try)

aaaaall of you are informants(spies:it means that they talk to the cops that are friends of them)
(both of you) young and old since you were chlidren
all of gate7 is "filled up" with "builders"(builder is the nickname of a spy in gate7)
your mothers pussy
GAMO TO PIREA(Fuck piraeus)

OOOloi roufianoi
Mikroi megaloi apo paidia
Gemise me oikodomous oli i 7
to mouni tis manas sas

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