Sunday, 11 October 2009

I love a man in uniform!

Nikki and I were in our hotel room in Hydra, we heard a marching band and of course had to investigate. We looked out the window and to my delight saw a whole lot of sailor boys passing right under our window. "Heeellllllooooooooooo Boys! Room 103!! Bring your friends!". We ran out the room to follow them and see what was going on. We were in the getting-ready-to-go-out phase and happened to be knickerless, we ran as fast as we could cackling all the way about how we are gonna call every Nicholas we know Knickerless! It turns out there was some or other church celebration they were involved in. Oh happy day we were on a little island filled with sailor boys, this is the life! We went out and drank to the Greek Navy!
so I was having me some steamy sailor dreams when I was woken up by the frikken marching band, at the crack of dawn!!! No no its not on at this time of the morning, people are trying to sleep!! *slams the window open and swears like a sailor* At that time of the morning you can shove your uniform up your bum! No actually you can shove your stupid little music instruments and your whole ship up your bum!

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