Thursday, 15 October 2009

You can take them out of the bush....

I joined the geriatrics of the xorio for a day trip to Kastoria. Along the way there is a little church on an island; there is a 1km (rough estimate) bridge that joins the island to the mainland, the island is uninhabited and has some interesting ruins on it. While walking to one of the ruins someone spotted a tree with bright berries, to my shock and horror they all flocked to the tree and started eating the berries! We were on an uninhabited island, they could have been poisonous! I flapped my arms about and squealed we taught in school that the more pretty/ bright anything is in nature the more poisonous it is! They ignored me and tried to find out what the berries were, how you ask? By asking the next person who came along if they knew, and without fail each next person who came along popped a berry in their mouths to investigate!! I can only flap so much so I told them they were all going to die and walked off without looking back... god helps those who help themselves!

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