Friday, 30 April 2010

The cure for all of Greece's problems

I am certain that a long time ago some clever little salesman practised his speech and then addressed a bunch of greek housewives.... his miracle product would cure all sorts of ailments, it would stop husbands from straying, it would get kids to eat broccoli, it would ksematiasei you, it was indeed a miracle.

Fast forward to the age of civilisation and technology - nothing much has changed. Greeks swear by Depon. I tried to get some flu medicine, apparently nothing of the sort exists in Greece, everyone recommended Depon, they strongly recommended it, actually they kind of insisted more than recommended. After the fires in Athens during which my aunt's chickens narrowly escaped a crispy death, she would dissolve half a depon in their water daily, to help with the trauma. Curing traumatised chickens?! Chickens get traumatised?! That must have been some speech the clever little salesman gave.

Depon is the all powerful cure. In Depon we trust. I bet you the entire Greek government is overdosing on Depon daily and scratching their heads wondering why the debt crisis hasnt been sorted out yet.

So what is Depon? The greek equivalent of Panado. Seriously


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