Monday, 5 April 2010

You don't know Jack

Try and order a Jack & Lime in Greece. At best you will get freshly squeezed lime juice, at worst concentrated lemon juice. No matter where I went in Greece there was no lime cordial to be found.
"Peite mou"
"Jack and lime parakalo"
"Tzak me lime"
"Tzak me lemoni?"
"Oxi, tzak me lime, L-I-M-E"

*holds thumbs*
"Oriste, tzak me lemoni"

I've been back home for almost 6 months and only now stumbled across and what do you know they sell Rose's Lime Cordial! I would have gladly paid the 5,5 euro, if only I had known! The next time I visit Uncle Jack in Greece I'll be sure to pop past the SA store first.


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