Monday, 26 July 2010

The fanciest taxi in Crete

We planned to spend the day at the beach and called for a taxi. 10 minutes later a big, shiny, black mercedes roared up the street.
"Is that our taxi? Seriously?"
Leather seats, sheepskin covers up front, dvd screens in the back. We hopped in and wished our flip flops were stilleto's and that we looked like fhm models in our beachwear. This taxi was too fancy for little old us staying in a tiny quaint village.
The taxi driver Antonis was super friendly and had lots of advice to give us. He overcharged us, a lot, but we enjoyed his company so much that we called and specifically asked for him each day. When you are in Crete, in the Agio Nikolao area call Antonis Taxi.

I asked if I could take a picture of him and his taxi, he refused and said that he would first get the car washed and only then could I take a pic. Here's a pic taken the next day, he arrived and pulled out a chamois cloth for a quick touch up before I took it!

Each day Antonis had some advice and wisdom to impart on us, my favourite: "A friend is someone who buys you a drink, an enemy is someone who insists you drink", it sounds better in greek but I'm having trouble loading the video...


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  1. That is a cool taxi! How awesome that he washed the car before you took a pic! Loved the friend/drink wisdom too!