Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Istanbul Chapter... it's time

Since I have been back in S.A I have neglected this blog, mainly because each time I try to update it I am reminded of the amazing times I had last year and I end up having a little pity party for myself. But I am pleased to announce that Mission Patrida a.k.a The Return to Greece is officially underway! The past two weeks have presented me with an insane amount of opportunity and motivation to get back to Greece, I had intended to start blogging all about my exciting plans but have been warned against the Mati.... I'll keep it on the down low until I have definite plans. So blogging has been on my mind and while driving home the other night I spotted a car with the number plate 'Istanbul'..... I want that car! And then it dawned on me that exactly a year ago to the date and time we were packing our bags for Istanbul! That is definitely a sign! A year late, but I pronounce the Istanbul chapter officially open.

Note the nails in the photo, that's my version of the Turkish flag.


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