Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Mati and the mavraki

My first question at the check-in desk was "Are there a lot of kids on this flight and if there are can you move me?". Before all you good parenty types get a knot in your nappy bag strap let me clarify,I love children, but I was running on minimal sleep and was starting to feel a bit fluey. I needed to sleep on that flight. Corenza C and Grippon overdose recovery kind of sleep. I cannot, I WILL NOT be sick on my summer holiday. Must.Sleep

And then I met Bradley. 3 year old, extremely sick with flu Bradley. My next door passenger for the flight. Damn you Murphy!
Mati! Polu kako mati! His mother Nelly wasted no time telling me how he has been sick for over 6 weeks, SIX WEEKS, what does this kid have?? TB?? Thankfully she was already pouring medicines down his throat, she just kept them coming, and sweet baby angel Bradley drank them without putting up any fuss whatsoever. She just kept them coming.
"Jeez Nelly, how much are you going to give him?" *serious face from Nelly* "I want him to sleep for the whole flight". And just like that sweet Bradley was out like a light before take-off. Oh Nelly, you deserve the best parenting medal there is, bless you!

Bradley had his head in his mom's lap and his teeny body lying across his seat. So cute. And then came the feet. The damned feet!! Anyone who has had a small child share their bed will know the feet. The snot nosed brat kicked me the entire flight, while fast asleep of course.

I hardly got any sleep.

And not just because of Bradley. Oh my god Nelly can talk the hind leg off a donkey!!! Way more than me!! She didn't shut up for a second. On a night flight. While everyone, INCLUDING ME, was trying to sleep. WOOOOAAAAH NELLY!! The sneaky bitch had asked for my headphones at the start of the flight, there was no way to ignore her! Well played Nelly, well played.


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