Friday, 14 September 2012

Happy Green Beans to me!

14 September, happy name day to me! And to every girl called Stavroula and to every boy called Stavro.

What is a name day? A name day is a tradition that consists of celebrating the day of the year associated with one's given name. Most Greek children are named after some saint or some other churchy thing. My name comes from the crucifix - the male version of my name literally means the crucifix. Most Greek children in the good old days were named after their grandparents, my sisters each got a grandmother's name and seeing as I popped out a girl not a  boy I simply got the female version of my grandfather's name. A name day is basically like a birthday but way bigger. Greek people won't remember your birthday but will most certainly not forget you on your nameday. And they will bring you presents or money. TWO birthdays. Who cares if we get hard boiled eggs for Easter!

Grandpa Crucifix / Παππού Σταύρο

Last year, Niko the good boy sent me flowers for my name day. All the way from Greece!! Well technically he made an online payment and netflorist did the rest, tomato tomatoe, all the way from Greece!!

 Niko sent me pink roses because my favourite colour is pink, Niko is a good boy!

Thank you Niko! For last year. Ηe forgot me this year... με ξέχασε ο πούστης!

The correct wish for a name day is Χρόνια πολλά, it literally means many years. Happy Green Beans came about when some English speaking friends of mine just couldn't pronounce it and decided it sounds like green beans. And it stuck. Ξένοι.

My favourite name day message this year was from Katerina:
"Σταυρούλα χρόνια σου πολλά κι ευτυχισμένα!!!!Πολύχρονη, σου εύχομαι να έχεις πάντοτε την υγεία σου, να περνάς πολύ όμορφα και να διατηρήσεις αυτή την ζωντάνια και την ζωηράδα που σε χαρακτηρίζει!!!! Πολλά φιλάκια!"
Translating it loses some of the fabulousness of the message but here goes:
Google translate says....."Stavroula many years you and happy!! Longtime, I wish you always to your health, to spend very nicely and maintain this vibrancy and vividness that characterizes in!! Many kisses!"
 Erm. Did I select Chinese translation? Here's a better version:
"Stavroula happy nameday! I wish you many years, good health, good times, and for you to maintain the vibrancy and vividness that characterises you! Lots of kisses!"
Lost in translation. Learn Greek!


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