Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Birthday on the Bridge

We arrived in Istanbul on Gykeria's birthday so of course we had to go out and celebrate. Galata Bridge is a double level bridge with restaurants/coffee shops underneath and a road on top. We decided to make our way from one end to the other to see what was on offer before deciding on a place to go to. It took ages!!! As we walked past each establishment we were wooed by the employees and promised special discounts, it was almost impossible to walk away, we landed up pulling each other out of their clutches (of course we enjoyed every minute of it!)
Turkish man: "Hello my beauty, come come, I give you special price, delicious food, come come, beautiful girls, oh so beautiful! I give you flower"
He proceeded to fold a serviette into a rose!

We oohed and aahed and were about to sit down when we heard someone calling us:
Turkish man from next door restaurant: "My lovey ladies, that is a paper flower, I give you real flower, come come beautiful ladies, I give you special price, come come"

Ching... chong... CHA! Paper beats actual. Why? Because the paper guy promised to give us a cake! We really are cheap dates.

Not only did we get cake but fruit and fire too! *shrugs* who knows why the fruit comes with fire!

AND we got "3 flowers for 3 princes" we assumed he meant princesses.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better a little band popped out of nowhere and starting singing happy birthday! This was the best unplanned party ever!


  1. What an Awesome way to celebrate a brithday!!
    Keep Blogging! Loving it!!

  2. yay!
    who is this? I hate the anonymous function :-(