Friday, 19 June 2009

Arriving in Athens

Always carry coins with you.

I arrived at the airport in Athens at 05:30 and had to walk about a kilometre to Baggage Claim, dragging my 10kg hand luggage and 9kg hand bag and 7kg cat along with me (yes I know it should have been less than 7kg in total but I need my stuff!) Really going to wear comfy shoes on the next flight and wont give a shit if they dont match my nailpolish!

My luggage arrived in one piece, hallelujah! Really glad I have a silver makeup kit and bright pink suitcase, spotting them was a breeze. You need to pay 1 euro for a trolley, the smallest denomination I had was a 10 euro note and the machine doesnt accept anything bigger than 5 euro notes - and of course the foreign exchange desk wasnt open (despite the man sitting behind the counter not seeming productive at all). I hung around for about 15 minutes until a very kind lady gave me one of her coins. Always carry coins with you!

Proceeded to Customs... not a soul in sight..... I walked straight through Customs and out of the airport *note to self: smuggle drugs at 05:30am*

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