Friday, 19 June 2009

Things I need to get used to in Greece

- Traffic comes towards you from the opposite way, very useful info for crossing the road!
- Petrol stations close at night...only one or two stay open but that works on a rotational basis. What do you do if you need petrol late at night???? oh and they call petrol benzine and benzine petrol
- 7pm is considered afternoon, dinner time is around 11pm
- No one likes the sun.... curtains and doors are closed and people stay indoors when the sun is shining. They think I am weird cause I contort my body to get every possible ray of sunshine on me
- Electrical wall sockets dont have on/off switches, you simply plug in an appliance and uplug it, freaks me out every time!
- People switch off their geysers when not in use, you need to remember to switch it on before you shower.... and you need to wait for it to heat up *yawn* and you best remember to switch it off when you are done!
- Women really stay home to cook and clean and look after the children... all the coffee shops are full of groups of men, not a housewife in sight..... Long Live being Single and having people to cook and clean for you!
- Socialising is expensive... a coffee costs 4 euros (apprx R11.50 x 4) and a waffle costs 8 euros. Everyone orders one coffee and sips it real slow
- The apartment blocks are extremely close together (hear-your-neighbour-fart-close)... and everyones mom lives with them... there must be a hellavuh lot of sexually frustrated people running around - no one wonder the people here are so rude!
- People eat way too much here, think supersize at each meal! And its offensive to not eat....I'm going to be as big as a house soon


  1. Well you can see quite clearly that I dont have a life, as I have found a new novel to read....YOURS.....! Keep it up it is really interesting, you write well I think you are in the wrong profesion.. come one publish this book of your 4 months in Greece....

  2. ha ha of course you have a life, just because you live it online doesnt mean you dont have a life!
    i will try update this as often as possible, who knows maybe i will publish it one day!