Thursday, 25 June 2009

Things I am not liking so much about Greece

- There is graffiti everywhere. And no its not art. Its not the impressive kind of graffiti that really is art, its just scribbles and swear words...... although some graffitti is quite funny

- You don’t have the option of prepaid internet, you need to sign a 12 month contract. At the moment I only have internet access when the neighbours with unsecured networks are online, not very reliable and as you can imagine very frustrating, I am feeling cut off from the world!
- You cant flush toilet paper. You are supposed to throw all toilet paper (yes number 1 and 2) into the dustbin provided (yip I know you just vomited a little bit in your mouth), its got something to do with the plumbing system not being good at all. Ek kan dit NIE doen nie, hulle dink ek doen maar ek KANNIE! *googles ‘plumber + athens’*
- Fanta Blue (its not actually blue, its orange, blue is just the name). Our Fanta is not the same as the Fanta here, they have a bunch of flavours, most of them are pretty good, most of them. After a particularly hot day and extensive trip on the bus I decided to try a Fanta blue to quench my thirst and cool me down*cue slow motion opening of can and droplets spraying, girl lifts can to her mouth, tilts her head back and awaits the sweet taste of relief from the summer heat* BLEEEEEEEGH!!!! Its flat!!!! Flat Fanta! *gets the grills just thinking about it (Afrikaans word not cooking equipment). Its selling point is the fact that its not carbonated. I’m sure Fanta Blue is used to wash the mouth of children who swear and backchat their mothers
- My aunt nags me more than my mother does! she is trying desperately to convince me to get married

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