Sunday, 28 June 2009

Why I dont like the sea

- Have you never seen the movie Jaws???
- I have frizzy hair, beaches are not GHD friendly
- Children wee in the sea
- Adults wee in the sea
- Fish wee in the sea
- Birds flying over the sea wee in it (okay that might not be a fact)
- Fish shit in the sea
- Children shit in the sea (of course thats a fact!)
- All sorts of things live and die and mate (possibly why its so salty) in the sea

Give me a pool with tons of wee neutralising chlorine any day! Glykeria and her friends were astounded that I chose the hotel pool over the sea. Since they swam in the sea Glykeria's ear has been sore and she is going to the doctor tomorrow, I bet if he sent a sample to the lab they would find some DNA that would be a perfect match with an Air France passenger

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  1. Bridget van der Bijl15 June 2010 at 02:48

    Love it Stav! I wish i had something vaguely intelligent or funny to post, but against you, I am as entertaining as the queen.