Friday, 19 June 2009

My Living Arrangements

25 Argostoliou, Galatsi – Kosmeria’s Apartment

My cousin Marianna (Kosmeria’s daughter) lives at 11 Argostoliou, its literally half a block away from number 25. Kosmeria lives with Marianna to help her with her babies, so 25 Argostoliou is all mine! First floor apartment with all the bells and whistles I could wish for. My favourite feature is the balcony, perfect for catching some rays in the afternoon while painting your nails, and for being nosy and seeing what the neighbours are up to (I haven’t actually seen anyone from my building, haven’t heard anyone, starting to think I don’t actually have neighbours , but the neighbours across the road will do….) There are shutters on the windows that let the air in but keep the sunlight out, allows me to sleep in as much as I like (I know I know I should be looking for a job not sleeping all day and painting my nails the rest of the time… work is overrated *puts a 2nd coat of nail polish on*)

11 Argostoliou, Galatsi – Marianna’s Apartment

People living there:
Marianna (very sweet cousin who goes out of her way for me)
Dimitri (Marianna’s husband – very sweet , we like him– gave me a full size bottle of Dolce & Gabbana The One and the matching golden shimmer lotion, we really really like him
Marianna’s kids: Vangeli and Angelina, both very good children (when Angelina is not pinching me! The kid pinches me everytime she sees me!)
Kosmeria: My aunt (my dad’s sister), and the former tenant of my apartment. She is also the babysitter and the chef . As soon as food is ready she phones me to come eat, then I go have a nap then she calls me when the food is ready, then I go have a nap
The best feature at 11 Argostoliou is the neighbour with the unsecured wireless network!!

28 Oktobriou, 44, Vrilissia - Glykeria’s apartment (this is where I’ll be living when I’m not at Kosmero’s apartment)

Really fab apartment, divine bathroom with a spa bath…. I wish Denis was here, he has the best bath parties *makes a mental note to make friends soon*
Glykeria is a crazy cousin from my dad’s side, the biggest party animal you will ever meet, very witty, we are gonna have a blast living together! Everything is going to be suuuuppppeeerrr! The only thing I don’t like is the neighbours pool….. huge bright blue pool in full view from our balcony, you can hear people splashing in it while you roast at 37 degrees Celsius…… we need to make friends with someone who lives in the apartment block next door, I’m prepared to swim and tan topless! Make Greece beautiful :-)

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