Friday, 26 June 2009

The First Good Boy a.k.a The First Attempt at Getting me off the Shelf

My laptop has been broken for a few days, it doesn’t connect to the internet at all (I know! How the flip am I supposed to survive without internet access?? Feels like I’ve been living on another planet for months). So Dimitri (Marianna’s husband) arranged for a friend of his (who knows all about computers) to come fix it.
Dimitri: “You’ll be here on Wednesday at 8:30pm”
Me: “of course! I need the laptop to be fixed pronto”
Dimitri: “Vasili is a good boy”
Me: “…………………………….” *fabulous, just fabulous, he’s trying to marry me off*
So Wednesday comes around and we gather at Dimitri’s house for dinner and to have the laptop sorted out
Dimitri: “Stavroula, sit here next to Vasili”
*rolls her eyelids and sits next to the good boy*
Dimitri: “Stavroula, have some pizza”
*gets up to get herself a slice of pizza*
Dimitri: “Vasili, do you want pizza?”
Vasili: “okay I’ll have some”
Dimitri: “Stavroula, give Vasili some pizza”
*rolls eyes and serves the good boy a slice of pizza just like a good greek girl should*
*Dimitri spots Vasili’s car keys on the table*
Dimitri: “who’s keys are these?”* turns the key over to inspect the badge* “aaah Vasili you have a really good car” *looks at me for a reaction*
*no reaction from me*
Dimitri: “ Stavroula, see this key ring, its from Switzerland, Vasili goes there to ski”
*I remain unphased*
The rest of the evening continued as above, it was a long evening…..
Me: “thanks everyone for a lovely evening, Vasili thank you for fixing the laptop, goodnight”
Dimitri: “Vasili will you walk Stavroula home? You must make sure she gets home safe, she cant walk all that way alone at this time of night, no no it wont do, you must walk with her”
- Please note that I walk home alone every night and it is completely safe to do so, the walk to my house is less than 20 seconds, its literally half a block away

So the good boy is indeed a good boy, but I didn’t come here to meet good boys *makes a note to meet some good girls to introduce the good boy to, and makes special note to get cracking on Liezl's 10 rule*

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