Friday, 26 June 2009

Don't talk to strangers

I made a friend on the bus. I was bitching about the rude bus driver in English to my cousin on my cellphone, when the bus reached my stop some random said “this is yourrr stahp sweetie”
“erm, thanks” *knows the rule – don’t talk to strangers!*
“Sooo arrre you frahm England?”
“No, from South Africa”
*walks faster*
“Sooouth Aaafrrrica! Whaht arrre you doing heeerrre?”
“I’m frrrahm Flaaaaaahrrrrida, in Ameeeerrrica, have you hearrrd of Flaaaaahrrrida?”
*fast walk turns into a trot*
“Who hasn’t heard of Florida?”
“give me yourrr numberrr, maybeeee we’ll go forrr vaycaaaaayshun”
“I just got to Greece, I don’t know my cellphone number”
“Miiissed caaahll me”
*has no back up plan and remembers Liezl’s 10 rule (although he is most certainly not a worthy candidate)*
*dials the random’s number knowing full well that she will regret it*
*gets missed calls from the random all weekend long*
*regrets dialling the randoms number*

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