Monday, 6 July 2009

Athens in One Day Cruise

Niko (the travel agent, organised the cruise for me. Its supposed to be a one day cruise but of course Niko has a connection on one of the islands who owns a hotel ( so I stayed over for a night (yes of course his friend is also called Niko).
First stop, Hydra, an island that doesnt have any cars or motorbikes - the only means of transportation is by foot or donkey, I'll walk thanks. Spent the evening is Hydra and absolutely loved it. Hydra is a stunning island and my favourite of the three we visited.

Next stop Poros, pretty much the same as any other island, lots of coffee shops and restaurants. Apparently there is some or other navy base on Poros, I didnt see a single boy in uniform *sigh*

Our last stop was Aegina, famous for pistachio nuts, Agio Nektarios church and the Temple of Afaia. The pistachio ice cream isnt all that, dont waste 4 euros

Thanks to Niko and Niko for a fabulous trip! mwaaah!

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