Thursday, 2 July 2009

O Nikos einai Kalo Paidi - Niko is a Good Boy

I love every Niko I have met in Greece.

- Niko Marmari: has a connection who got a real good price for the hotel room in Marmari,he drove us around the island whenever we needed a lift, and he squeezes lemons real good. He also looks after us when he is in Monastiraki and we are hungry, the best souvlaki in monastiraki!
- Niko Travel Agent: owns a travel agency ( arranged my Athens in One Day cruise at a fraction of the price, also organised for me to at stay a friends hotel (Hydroussa) in Hydra free of charge
- Niko Hydroussa: owns the Hydroussa hotel (, organised me a sweet room free of charge and gave me advice on the best spots in Hydra
- Niko Radio Taxi: organises taxis at half the rate, and also let us sign an internet on-the-go contract on his name so I can have a stable internet connection while I am here, did I mention I'm only paying half the rate for the internet too?

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