Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Pronounced crapper-crapper but no you cant flush the toilet paper in their store.
Savoury, sweet, ethnic, vegetarian. Pancakes with any combination of filling that your greedy little self could ever wish for! My choice was a Papageno - nutella, white chocolate and biscuits.
"one Papageno please"
The kind sir pours some batter onto a round *searches her non existent cooking vocab for the word* hot plate(?), after a minute or so he slides a spatula under the pancake and flips it. When it is a golden brown colour and the sweet smell of deliciousness fills the air, he folds the pancake in half. Out comes a supersize bottle of nutella (its huge! the size of 3 of ours!), he covers one half with nutella and the other half with melted white chocolate, then he sprinkles broken bits of biscuits all over the pancake. Then he takes the pointy sides of the semi-cirle pancake and folds them up to the middle of the circle part (is this making sense?), he folds it in half again so the nutella side and white chocolate side are now facing each other,he folds the bottom up so it doesnt drip out the bottom like an ice cream cone (really smart!), he folds it in half again so it becomes a triangle, he pops it into wrap paper and hands it to you (this part feels like ultra slow motion). You take the first bite and your mouth is filled with warm gooey chocolate, bliss! The store in Halandri even delivers to our house in Vrillissia! *fast forward 3 months to my disbelief at how much weight I picked up while in Greece*

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