Monday, 6 July 2009

The New Acropolis Museum

Glykeria and I were lucky enough to get tickets to the new Acropolis Musuem (yes of course a Niko organised them for us, standard). I am not an avid museum-goer but this museum is definitely worth seeing, the layout and structure are phenomenal, all the pieces are displayed openly (not in those tacky glass boxes - but you arent allowed to touch them), and the view of the Acropolis in the background is stunning. Each level has glass tiles so you can see the levels below, the third floor is definitely not for those with a fear of heights - we'll just walk on the frosted tiles.
There's a huge fuss about pieces that are in the British Museum. They were stolen long ago and up until now the Brits have refused to give them back claiming that Greece had no facilities to properly display them, so the Greeks got rid of the small old museum and built the fab new give-the-Brits-the finger museum.... they are now insisting on the return of the missing pieces. There are spaces open in the museum for these pieces and plaster casts of the British originals are very noticeably placed next to Greek originals. Will the pieces be returned? So far the Brits are keeping mum

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