Friday, 31 July 2009

Bat outta hell

*flapping noises*
Me: "whats that?"
Thoma: "a butterfly" *said in a heavy greek accent while picking up a tennis racquet (not actually a real tennis racquet, its for killing bugs, you press a button and the strings are charged with an electrical current, same principle as those purple light things that zap bugs, pretty nifty)*
*squints eyes to get a better look*
Me: "thats not a butterfly its a BAT!!! omg omg kill it!"
*swoosh swoosh swoosh*
Thoma: swearing in greek*
Thoma: “Maybe it can see me coming? But its supposed to be blind!!”
*swoosh swoosh thud*

VICTORY!!! And let that be a warning to the other bats out there who have even the slightest thought about entering my brave cousin’s house

Did you know? If a bat gets caught in your hair its almost impossible to remove it? The more it flaps about the more tangled it gets *wildly shakes her head and tries to get the imaginary bat out of her hair* Heebie Jeebies!

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