Monday, 13 July 2009

I love The Mall

Most of the shops in Greece are found along the sidewalks, imagine during rainy season. Yianna (Aunt Fevronia’s daughter) took me to The Mall in Marousi, I am in love. Great big air-conditioned shopping centre with every store you could wish for! Reminds me a lot of Menlyn, I love Menlyn. The Mall doesn’t follow the ridiculous working hours that normal stores do(none of that closing at lunchtime for siesta nonsense) its open every day, weekdays from 9am until 9pm, but closes earlier on Saturdays at 8pm, how fab! Lucky little me can take the Proastiako (suburban railway) from Glykeria’s house in Vrillissia and two stops later I’m at The Mall *kisses her euros goodbye*

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